Turntable Technology
1. Turntable Technology
2. Stratus
3. Fairchild (Live at the lab)
4. Sky Is High
5. Turn The Page
6. Speed Check
7. The Story Of Sampling
8. Record Shop
9. Goes To Pluto
10. Music Maestro
11. Rooftop Chase
12. High Jazz
Bonus Album

1. Speed Check Instrumental
2. The Cuatro Track
3. Story Of Sampling Instrumental
4. Into The Deep Blue
5. Turn The Page Instrumental
6. Sky Is High Instrumental
7. Act Of Persuasion
8. Turntable Technology Instrumental
9. Sing Instrumental
10. Puzzled Picture
11. Music Maestro Instrumental
12. Proceed With Caution
13. On The Tail
14. Journey's End
15. Reincarnation
16. Stratus (DJ Extended Edit)
The album Turntable Technology is available on mp3 , WAV & FLAC
from stores including itunes , Bandcamp & Juno Download.
Sing EP      12” vinyl
Story Of Sampling  EP     12” vinyl
Side A : Sing
Side B : Fairchild (Live At The Lab)
Ltd 12”
Red Hook Recordings
Record Shop
: The Story Of Sampling
Side B : Get Some Of This
: High Jazz
: Instrumental
: Acapella
Side A : Turntable Technology
Available on vinyl
Digital reissues
The Pablo digital reissue INSIDE OUT (Remastered) is now available to download     
on mp3 , WAV & FLAC from stores including Spotify , itunes & Juno Download   
The remastered original 12” version of The Story Of Sampling is now available!       
ALL PRAISES DUE (Remastered)